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Apollo 12 Full Mission 01 (SCE to AUX)The Apollo 12 full mission begins with the countdown and eventual launch on November 14th 1969 on the second lunar land.. Apollo 12 landde, evenals Apollo 11, in een equatoriaal gebied, 3 graden ten zuiden van de maanequator, in tegenstelling tot Apollo 11 die op minder dan 1 graad ten noorden ervan landde. De landingsplaats van Apollo 12 ligt op ongeveer 100 kilometer ten zuidoosten van de geprononceerde en tevens telescoopvriendelijke krater Lansberg in Mare. Apollo 12 bolo šiestym americkým pilotovaným kozmickým letom v rámci programu Apollo a druhým, pri ktorom ľudia pristáli na Mesiaci.Výprava Apollo 12 mierila do oblasti Oceánu búrok (Oceanus Procellarum) na západnej pologuli Mesiaca, do blízkosti miesta pristátia sondy Surveyor 3, ktorá tu pristála v roku 1967.Pri tejto misii sa na Mesiaci po prvýkrát uskutočnili dva.

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  1. Apollo 12, šestý pilotovaný let v programu Apollo, byl druhým, kdy lidé přistáli na Měsíci.Apollo 12 odstartovalo k Měsíci 14. listopadu 1969.Let byl označen v COSPAR jako 1969-099A, byl 35. letem kosmonautů z naší planety
  2. Apollo 12 startete am 14. November 1969 um 16:22 UT während eines Gewitters. Das Raumfahrzeug wurde während des Starts zweimal von Blitzschlägen getroffen. Die Einschläge 36,5 und 52 Sekunden nach dem Start wurden vermutlich vom Abgasstrahl der Rakete hervorgerufen, ein elektrisch leitfähiger Kanal aus ionisiertem Gas
  3. Apollo 12 was the second crewed lunar landing. Mission objectives included an extensive series of lunar exploration tasks as well as the deployment of the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package, or ALSEP
  4. A Apollo 12 foi um voo espacial tripulado norte-americano responsável pelo segundo pouso na Lua.A missão foi planejada para realizar uma alunissagem em um ponto específico, perto da cratera onde a sonda Surveyor 3 tinha alunissado alguns anos antes. Os astronautas Pete Conrad, Richard Gordon e Alan Bean foram lançados ao espaço em 14 de novembro de 1969 do Centro Espacial John F. Kennedy.
  5. Welcome to this 10 April 2020 release of the Apollo 12 Flight Journal, part of the Apollo Flight Journal series.. Like its companion, the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal, it is intended to be a resource for all those interested in the Apollo program, whether in a passing or scholarly capacity.This journal covers the flight of Apollo 12 from launch to splashdown
  6. Apollo 12 fu la sesta missione con equipaggio nell'ambito del programma Apollo della NASA e la seconda ad atterrare sulla Luna, dopo l'Apollo 11.Decollò dal John F. Kennedy Space Center il 14 novembre 1969 alle 16:22 UTC.Durante la missione, il comandante Charles Pete Conrad e il pilota del modulo lunare Alan Bean soggiornarono poco più di un giorno e sette ore sulla superficie lunare.
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With Apollo 12, the program's primary goal moved beyond landing humans on the Moon and returning them safely to Earth. This was the first Apollo mission with science at the forefront of its objectives. It succeeded in ways both anticipated and completely unexpected Apollo 12: This film tells the true story of the disastrous Apollo 12, unveiling new details NASA never told us. It includes interviews with all three crewmembers and top officials, as well as other rare and never-before-seen footage Apolo 12 fue la sexta misión tripulada del programa Apolo de la NASA, y la segunda que alunizó.Lanzada casi cuatro meses después del Apolo 11, el Apolo 12 alunizó en el Oceanus Procellarum, muy cerca de la sonda estadounidense Surveyor 3, que había aterrizado el 20 de abril de 1967, y los astronautas trajeron algunas piezas de esta sonda de vuelta a la Tierra para su estudio, entre ellas. Apollo 12 launched exactly on time at 11:23 am to the delight of the cheering, if damp crowd watching the spectacle. Apollo 12 roars off towards the cloudy sky. T + 36.5 seconds - first lightning strike. Film frame from one of the launch pad cameras, showing the lightning that struck the Saturn V and then down to the launch tower

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Apollo 12 - The Ocean of Storms (Full Mission 15)The crew prepare for undocking and TV coverage of that event, followed by the 2nd lunar landing attempt on t.. Apollo 12 - szósta załogowa misja programu Apollo, druga misja z lądowaniem ludzi na Księżycu.Misja ta była dowodzona przez Charlesa Pete'a Conrada.Start rakiety Saturn V misji Apollo 12 nastąpił 14 listopada 1969 roku, cztery miesiące po misji Apollo 11.Miejscem lądowania był księżycowy Ocean Burz.Wielkim osiągnięciem tej misji było precyzyjne lądowanie modułu. Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (ALSEP), color TV camera, seismometer, electric generator (plutonium power source). Highlights/Notes: Saturn rocket hit by lightning twice, 32 sec. and 52 sec. after launch temporarily cutting electrical power and telemetry. TV camera was damaged shortly after Moon landing The Apollo 12 mission took Pete Conrad, Richard Francis Gordon Jr, and Alan Bean the moon -- the second trio of Astronauts to make the trip. Following in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin was bound to be a lower-profile job, but it wasn't any less interesting. The trivia and stories of Apollo 12 suggest a wackier mission and crew Az Apollo-13 az Egyesült Államok holdprogramjának, az Apollo-program hetedik küldetése, egyben a harmadik leszállási kísérlet, amely azonban végül kudarcba fulladt, így a program egyetlen sikertelen küldetésévé is vált. A cél a Hold ismételt meghódítása volt, ezúttal egy új felszíni forma, a holdtengereknél idősebb felföldek meglátogatásával, azonban egy.

The Apollo 12 instrument would also be activated by the spent Apollo 14 S-IVB booster, which would impact the Moon after the mission entered lunar orbit. The two seismometers would, in combination with those left by later Apollo missions, constitute a network of such instruments at different locations on the Moon Apollo 12, the second manned mission to land on the Moon, was planned and executed as a precision landing. The astronauts landed the Lunar Module within walking distance of the Surveyor III spacecraft which had landed on the Moon in April of 1967. The astronauts brought instruments from Surveyor III. Suggestions for apollo 12 rum incident explanations. The Apollo Rum Incident is probably related to Bacardi's advertising campaign which altered the image of Buzz Aldrin (apparently from Apollo 11, not 12) to show him in shorts with a rum. I mean, unless it wasn't altered.

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  1. The second human lunar landing mission, Apollo 12, launched from launch pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on November 14, 1969 via a Saturn Five launch vehicle. The Saturn V vehicle was developed by the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) under the direction of Dr. Wernher von Braun. Aboard Apollo 12 was a crew of three astronauts.
  2. ation of Surveyor 3 surface sampler scoop returned by Apollo 12 mission (PDF) 197
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  4. Az Apollo-12 űrhajósai a hazaúton olyat élhettek át, amit rajtuk kívül más emberfia soha az életben: nekik nem a Hold, hanem a Föld takarta el a Napot. 2018. április 5., 09:25 Egyetlen kapcsoló mentette meg a második holdraszállás
  5. Új képeket tett közzé a NASA, mely mai állapotukban mutatja az egykori holdra szállások parkolóhelyeit és a holdautó útját

Apollo 12 photography 70 mm, 16 mm, and 35 mm frame index. PDF file (NTRS) Surveyor 3 parts and materials returned from the moon by Apollo 12 - Evaluation of lunar effects Apollo 12 spacecraft being prepared for mating in High Bay 3 of the VAB. 1 July 1969. Scan by Ed Hengeveld. 69-H-1667 ( 116k or 548k) Apollo 12 LM Intrepid in its adapter stage being lowered into position atop the Saturn V stack in the Vehicle Assembly Building High Bay 3. Photo filed 2 July 1969. Scan by Kipp Teague Apollo 12 var det sjätte bemannade och det tolfte delprojektet i Apolloprogrammet.Apollo 12 var det andra bemannade rymdskeppet som landade på månen efter det berömda uppdraget Apollo 11.. Farkosten sköts upp med en Saturn V-raket från Kennedy Space Center den 14 november 1969.Charles Conrad och Alan Bean landade på månen den 19 november 1969. . Efter att ha tillbringat ungefär 18.

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The Apollo 12 mission. Audio files coming soon... Digitized, cataloged and archived by the Houston Audio Control Room, at the NASA Johnson Space Center Apollo 12 skulle sende den første farge-tv-sendingen fra månen, men Al Bean klarte ved et uhell å ødelegge kameraet da han pekte det mot solen. Backup-mannskapet for Apollo 12 klarte å sette inn i de to astronautene sin måne-checkliste (som var festet til håndleddene på Conrads og Beans romdrakter) små bilder av Playboy-centerfolds Beskrivelse af missionen. Apollo 11 var landet langt uden for det planlagte landingsområde. Derimod foretog Apollo 12 en præcisionslanding den 19. november i Stormenes Hav i umiddelbar nærhed af Surveyor 3, der var landet på Månen i april 1967.Astronauterne blev på Månen i 31½ time hvor de indsamlede prøver af Månen og afmonterede nogle dele fra Surveyor 3, så de kunne blive undersøgt

Apollo 12 was the sixth manned flight in the Apollo programme and the second to land on the Moon. Today, NASA includes the images in its historic archives, with straightforward titles like. The Apollo 12 emblem was a sailing ship, the Yankee Clipper. Upon the astronaut's safe return, NASA mission control updated its display of the emblem to include the words Damn the lightning. Apollo 12 was the sixth manned flight in the American Apollo program and the second to land on the Moon (an H type mission).It was launched on November 14, 1969 from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, four months after Apollo 11.Mission commander Charles Pete Conrad and Lunar Module Pilot Alan L. Bean performed just over one day and seven hours of lunar surface activity while Command Module. Apollo 12 Transcripts . Apollo 12 Technical Air-to-Ground Transcript Raw PDF document courtesy Stephen Garber (NASA HQ) and Glen Swanson (JSC) () This is the raw transcript provided by NASA to the press during the mission Apollo 1: A fatal fire. The Apollo 1 crew, from left to right, Roger Chaffee, Ed White and Gus Grissom. (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech) The Apollo program changed forever on Jan. 27, 1967, when a.

After almost five decades, it looks like the final resting place of a missing piece of historic space hardware may have been found: A very odd set of lunar features could mark the location where part of the Apollo 12 Lunar Module slammed into the Moon at nearly two kilometers per second. This'll take a wee bit of explaining The Apollo 12 mission was the second lunar landing mission in which the third and fourth American astronauts set foot upon the moon. This mission was highlighted by the Lunar Module nicknamed Intrepid landing within a few hundred yards of a Surveyor probe which was sent to the moon in April of 1967 on a mapping mission as a precursor to landing

apollÓ mozi 7621 pÉcs, perczel miklÓs u. 22. telefon: 0670 286 8447 — pÉnztÁrnyitÁs az elsŐ elŐadÁs elŐtt fÉl ÓrÁval — jegyedet kÉszpÉnzzel vagy kÁrtyÁval is kifizetheted — teljes ÁrÚ jegy 1150 forint — diÁk És nyugdÍjas jegy 950 forint — a filmeket, hacsak nincs mÁskÉnt feltÜntetve, eredeti nyelven, magyar felirattal vetÍtjÜk Lunar Sample Overview. When viewed through a telescope, the Apollo 12 landing site has fewer craters and a slightly redder color than the Apollo 11 landing site. It was thought that these characteristics indicated that the rocks at the Apollo 12 landing site were both younger and different in chemical composition than the rocks at the Apollo 11 landing site «Аполло́н-12» (англ. Apollo 12) — пилотируемый космический корабль серии «Аполлон», в ходе полёта которого в 1969 году люди второй раз в истории совершили посадку на поверхность другого небесного тела — Лун In 1969, man landed on the moon during two separate missions, Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. During each mission, two of the three mission crew members walked on the lunar surface, performing experiments and several firsts for mankind. Unlike the super-serious Apollo 11, Apollo 12 is remembered by many space.. Apollo 12. Apollo 12 was the second mission to land humans on the Moon. NASA astronauts Pete Conrad and Alan Bean landed in Oceanus Procellarum, the Ocean of Storms, on 19 November 1969 while Richard Gordon remained in lunar orbit inside the Apollo command and service module. Conrad and Bean made a pinpoint touchdown near NASA's robotic.

Apollo 12. English: Apollo 12 was the sixth manned flight in the Apollo program and the second to land on the Moon. The launch occurred on November 14, 1969 The Incredible Journey of Apollo 12 4K. 25MIN. It's the ultimate buddy movie, with two astronauts hitting the road and landing on the moon. Earth. November 14, 1969. Three astronauts, with spacesuits, food, water, and a battery of scientific and communications equipment, prepared to fly to the moon. Thousands gathered at the Kennedy Space. Apollo 12 LM Intrepid. The impact site was discovered by Michael Marcus, an independent researcher, on 11/21/2013. The impact site was independently discovered by Philip J. Stooke, Ph.D., Department of Geography, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2, on or about 05/20/2016

Apollo 12 was a follow-up to the successful Moon landing in July of that year, in which Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the lunar surface Apollo 11, Apollo 12 & Apollo 13 moon infographic. 339 . 9.1k . 13 . Published: May 24th 2019. Tony Bela. Follow Following Unfollow. Owner. Tony Bela Brisbane, Australia. Follow Following Unfollow. Message . Apollo 11, Apollo 12 & Apollo 13 moon infographic Apollo 11 infographic poster (art illustration artwork) 339. 9.1k. 13 Apollo Tyres is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. Find information about Careers Opportunities, Investor Reports and the latest press releases. Toggle navigation. About Us About Us. Apollo Tyres Ltd, with its corporate headquarters in Gurgaon, India, is in the business of manufacture and sale of tyres since its inception in. The Apollo 12 ALSEP returned data and measurements to Earth for over seven years following the mission and was turned off in September 1977. From the lower altitude you can pick out the shadow of the still standing flag, the High Gain Antenna (HGA), and the discarded Portable Life Support System (PLSS) backpacks Apollo 12 makes a precision landing on the lunar surface - . Nation: USA. Flight: Apollo 12. Conrad and Bean reentered the LM, checked out all systems, and at 10:17 p.m. EST on November 18 fired the reaction control system thrusters to separate the CSM 108 (the Yankee Clipper) from the LM-6 (the Intrepid)

Apollo 12 S-II stage in the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB).jpg 683 × 850; 164 KB Apollo 12 view of Solar Eclipse (5052129615).jpg 640 × 480; 14 KB Play medi Apollo 12 - Flown Map Plate #16-17 Measures 10.5 x 14.5. This is the largest map we have offered and is actually two continuous maps (16 and 17) lower section is taped to the upper section, (this is how all the maps were originally during the flight) plus has a fold in the middle Argo APOLLO è stato pensato per avere un ingombro minimo senza alcuna perdita di perfomance: infatti ha uno spessore di solo 20 cm. FUNZIONALITA' AVANZATE. 4 in 1: Raffresca, Riscalda, Deumidifica, Ventila; Oscillazione automatica o posizione flap personalizzabile, per ottimizzazione flusso d'aria in ambient 1970. április 11-én az Apollo 13 három fős legénysége nekivág a végtelen világűrnek. Küldetésük nem mindennapi: leszállni a Holdra. A kilövés simán megy, a mérnökökből, tudósokból és matematikusokból álló houstoni irányító központ felügyeli a repülést. Az űrhajó majdnem eléri a Holdat, amikor a következő üzenet érkezik 330 ezer kilométer messzeségből. Apollo 12 has lessons for today's AI-based complex systems. Getty. This is an exciting week for space travel and kudos goes to NASA and SpaceX for being on the verge of launching astronauts into.

The fourth person to walk on the moon, astronaut Alan Bean, died over the weekend. This is the wild true story of Apollo 12, and how a little creativity and ingenuity saved the day Argo Apollo è il nuovo climatizzatore senza unità esterna di casa Argo con pompa di calore e WiFi integrato. Il design è essenziale e raffinato. Le giuste dimensioni gli permettono di essere facilmente posizionato nell'ambiente casa, ufficio e spazio pubblico, è ideale per strutture dove è vietata l'esposizione in fac Apollo 12 had proved the navigation systems were accurate enough to land exactly on the chosen spot, the hardware systems, including the ALSEP, were good enough to support the requirements of the mission, and the astronauts were able to do useful work in a lunar environment

Apollo 12 Flown Lunar Landing Landmark Maps Various Prices - click image to see Maps available Approx 10.5 x 8 inch (and larger) maps printed on satin finish photographic paper used in Lunar Orbit during the flight of Apollo 12 Click image to see all the map The Apollo 12 spacecraft launched at 11:22 am (EST) initiating the United States' second lunar landing mission. Join our Space Forums to keep talking space on the latest missions, night sky and more Apollo 12 Onboard Voice Transcription-Command Module, January 1970, 447 pages: AS12_LM.PDF: Apollo 12 Onboard Voice Transcription-Lunar Module, December 1969, 452 pages: AS12_PAO.PDF: Apollo 12 PAO Mission Commentary Transcript, November 14-24, 1969, 979 page Apollo 12 could easily have been the first moon landing. If Apollo 11 had failed, Apollo 12 was lined-up for launch in September 1969, and the ill-fated Apollo 13 for November The Apollo 13 Spacecraft. APOLLO 13. IN REAL TIME. A real-time journey through the third lunar landing attempt. This multimedia project consists entirely of original historical mission material. Relive the mission as it occurred in 1970. T-MINUS 1M. Join at 1 minute to launch. NOW

The second human lunar landing mission, Apollo 12, launched from launch pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida on November 14, 1969 via a Saturn Five launch vehicle. The Saturn V vehicle was developed by the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) under the direction of Dr. Wernher von Braun Apollo 12 Mission Overview. Commander Pete Conrad with Surveyor 3 with the Lunar Module Intrepid in the background. Apollo 12 was launched on November 14, 1969. Despite being struck by lightning twice during the first minute of flight, it went on to perform the second successful human landing on the Moon We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us

Description. Apollo 12 was the second mission in which humans walked on the lunar surface and returned to Earth. On 19 November 1969 two astronauts (Apollo 12 Commander Charles P. Pete Conrad and LM Pilot Alan L. Bean) landed in Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms) on the Moon in the Lunar Module (LM) while the Command and Service Module (CSM) (with CM pilot Richard F. Gordon) continued in. NASA astronaut Richard Gordon was the command module pilot on Apollo 12, the second lunar landing mission. NASA. Gordon, whose death was announced by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, joined.

This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies by Flickr and our partners as described in our cookie policy Apollo 12 successfully landed within walking distance of the Surveyor 3 probe, which had landed on the lunar surface on April 20, 1967. Charles Conrad and Alan Bean removed pieces of the probe to be taken back to Earth for analysis. It is claimed that the common bacterium Streptococcus mitis was found to have accidentally contaminated the. Az Apollo 12 volt az első küldetés ami során egy színes kamerát is a Hold felszínére vitt, de annak telepítése során véletlenül néhány másodpercig a Napra irányult annak lencséje, és a kamera elektronikus érzékelője kiégett

About the APOLLO 12 sailboat Calculations Help SA/Disp.: A sail area/displacement ratio below 16 would be considered under powered; 16 to 20 would indicate reasonably good performance; above 20 suggests relatively high performance. SA/D = SA (ft²) ÷ (Disp (lbs) / 64)^.666 Bal./Disp.: A Ballast/Displacement ratio of 40 or more translates into. Apollo 12 launching, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, 14th November 1969. apollo - apollo 12 stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. American NASA astronauts Alan Bean and Pete Conrad rehearse and practice duties and experiments with equipment in front of a simulated lunar module.. Apollo 12 a fost al șaselea zbor cu echipaj din programul Apollo al Statelor Unite și al doilea care a aterizat pe Lună.A fost lansat la 14 noiembrie 1969, de la Kennedy Space Center, Florida, la patru luni după Apollo 11.Comandantul Charles Pete Conrad și pilotul Modulului Lunar Apollo Alan L. Bean au efectuat puțin peste o zi și șapte ore de activitate pe suprafața lunară, în. Used on Apollo's 12 & 14 The camera was mounted inside the Modularized Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA) in Quad 4 of the Lunar Module (LM) Descent Stage. This gave the capability of broadcasting the first steps of the astronauts as they climbed down the ladder of the LM at the start of the first EVA Apollo 12 astronauts even found the first meteorite ever discovered on another world, the Bench Crater carbonaceous chondrite. Photos of each of the six Apollo landing sites photographed from low orbit by NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. ALSEP stands for Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package. The astronauts' tracks as well as the rover.

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Apollo 1, tragedy, January 27, 1967 | NASA INFO: CapeNeil Armstrong's Apollo 11 spacesuit unveiled at

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The Huntsville Times reports that the Apollo 12 mobile quarantine facility has resurfaced at a fish farm. The U.S. Space & Rocket Center has landed a prize catch at a west Alabama fish farm. Above: Rear Admiral Donald C. David, Commander, Manned Spacecraft Recovery Force, Pacific, welcomes the crew of the Apollo 12 lunar landing mission aboard the U.S.S. Hornet, prime recovery vessel for the. Apollo 11. Virtually hold the very first sample picked up on the Moon by the Apollo 11 Mission The Mission. Hold the stories of the cosmos in your hand through virtual 3D, one small space rock at a time The Technology. Go behind the scenes and explore the state-of-the-art technologies that made this project possible The Team. Meet the. The anomalies occurred just before the launch of the Apollo 12 mission in November 1969. A little over 30 seconds before blastoff, the rocket carrying the Apollo module got hit by lightning The Apollo 11 crew were very serious and professional. While equally competent the crew of Apollo 12 had more fun and were friends with each other. NASA had trouble with Pete Conrad's salty language on occasion. This is a marvelous collection of hard to find clips. It is true, this documentary was not professionally done

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The blowing dust caused by the Apollo 12 LM landing appears to have been worse than that of Apollo 11. In fact, a standup extravehicular activity (EVA) was performed by the crew to assess the site prior to performing lunar surface EVAs because blowing dust completely obscured the view during landing The Apollo 12 mission was destined to be different. Following the success of Apollo 11, 12's original mission of a backup landing was negated — allowing the mission to pursue much more ambitious goals. The primary focus of 11, was, of course, to put a human on the moon The Apollo 12 lunar module, still attached to the Saturn V third stage, is pictured as seen from the Apollo 12 command and service modules on the first day of the Apollo 12 lunar-landing mission The Project Apollo Archive serves as an online reference source and repository of digital images pertaining to the historic manned lunar landing program. The Archive was created by Kipp Teague in February 1999 as a companion web site to his Contact Light personal retrospective on Project Apollo. The Archive is also companion to Eric Jones' comprehensive Apollo Lunar Surface Journal O2 Apollo Manchester is the trading name of Live Nation (Music) UK Limited Company number: 02409911 VAT number: 489 7987 40 Registered in England and Wales 30 St John Street London EC1M 4A

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1969/11/14: Il giorno del lancio di Apollo 12 sulla stampa italiana. 1969/11/14 (6:00 FL - 12:00 IT): Sveglia all'equipaggio, colazione e preparativi per la partenza. 1969/11/14 (08:05 FL - 14:05 IT): I n viaggio verso la rampa di lancio e ingresso nella capsula. 1969/11/14: L'arrivo del presidente Nixon a Cape Kennedy The Apollo is excited to announce that the theater will be expanding and will officially be opening a brand new space, including two flexible theaters, one with 99 seats and the other with 199 seats, in March 2022! Learn More. Victoria Theater. Victoria Theater Opening. Tue, Mar 1 - Thu, Mar 31 Not long after Gemini 12 splashed down on November 15, 1966, George Mueller of the Office of Manned Spaceflight cancelled Apollo 2. The missions were reorganized so Apollo 2 would debut the Lunar. Schmitt had previously been crewed with Apollo 12 command module pilot Dick Gordon in anticipation of Apollo 18, but Schmitt replaced Engle on Apollo 17 after the cancellation of Apollo 18 and Apollo 19, leaving Gordon as the last Apollo astronaut to train extensively for lunar exploration without ever landing on the Moon Apollo 12 got struck by lightning in flight and the mission was almost aborted. Probably the most famous event of the Apollo 12 mission came within its first minutes. Reading the mission transcript, the whole launch plays out like a scene from a movie. Setting: Cape Canaveral, Florida Apollo 12; Phi hành gia Pete Conrad xem xét phi thuyền Surveyor 3 gần module mặt trăng Apollo 12 (góc phải trên) đã hạ cánh. Dạng nhiệm vụ: Con người đặt chân lên mặt trăng: Nhà đầu tư: NASA : COSPAR ID: CSM: 1969-099A LM: 1969-099C: SATCAT no. CSM: 4225 LM: 4226: Thời gian nhiệm vụ: 10 ngày, 4.