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multi class hats tf2 provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, multi class hats tf2 will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from. r/tf2. This subreddit is dedicated to Team Fortress 2, created by Valve Corporation in 2007. After nine years in development, hopefully it was worth the wait. 613k. Mercs Playing Team Fortress 2. 4.3k. Players in Matchmaking queue. Created Jul 19, 2008. Join

Multi Class Hats Tf2 - XpCourse. Education Details: multi class hats tf2 provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, multi class hats tf2 will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many creative ideas from. Canteen Crasher Bronze Ammo Medal 2018. Canteen Crasher Silver Building Medal 2018. Promotional. Canteen Crasher Gold Uber Medal 2018. Canteen Crasher Platinu

What hats can be Unusual that were not previously unboxable? The Baseball Bill's Sports Shine, Texas Slim's Dome Shine, and Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative. Also, the Stylish Degroot seems to fit all the criteria for being unboxable as an Unusual (it has the 'hat' equip region), but as yet none have been unboxed A simple cap which was originally a promo item for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Being a simple baseball cap means that it'll fit so many loadouts and at £25 it's hard to turn down. Although you will be limited to effects like Bubbling, Smoking, Steaming, Nuts and Bolts and maybe Orbiting Planets or Orbiting Fire if you get lucky with a quick.

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  1. Merc's Mohawk: The Merc's Mohawk is a community-created cosmetic item for all classes. It is a tall, brown mohawk that sways in the wind. On the Pyro, Demoman and Spy, the mohawk pokes through their respective masks/hats. Wilson Weave: The Wilson Weave is a promotional multi-class cosmetic item for the Scout, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer and Medic
  2. e what spells you know and can prepare for each class individually, as if you were a single-classed member of that class. If you are a ranger 4/wizard 3, for example, you know three 1st.
  3. e the strengths, weaknesses, and viability of each multiclass.
  4. Additionally, multi-class fighter/clerics are limited to mastery level in any given weapon type but a dual-classed fighter/cleric, even if he dual-classed at level 2, can obtain grand mastery in any given weapon type. Choosing a Multi-class Race; The only races which can even roll Fighter/Clerics are Dwarves, Gnomes(BG1EE), Half-Elves and Half.
  5. All content created is based on original content belonging to Valve Corp. and Team Fortress 2 community members. Much of the created content is based on My Little Pony which belongs to Hasbro Inc
  6. Artificer 201: A Guide to Multiclassing. Dungeons & Dragon's artificer is a master tinkerer, creating and using magical items to enhance their combat prowess or their allies'. The class is highly customizable, allowing you to be a formidable frontline or ranged combatant, or support. Multiclassing allows you to lean into the role you've chosen.

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  1. The Experience cap is the same for all classes. However, for a multi-class you cannot reach as high levels as a character with only one class because it adds the experience of both classes together. No idea on the dead party member question tho... Wildfire, Sep 27, 2001. #2
  2. Ever seen a person's hat and assumed something about how they play? Well, you're not alone. In fact, most hats in the game hold a certain stereotype. This se..
  3. Meanwhile the multiclass F/M/T gets to 15/16/17 and suffers *less*, not more, than the pure classes do, whilst the Human is doing a little jig with a dual classed Kensai 21 > Thief 31. The level cap was an unapologetic attempt to make humans the Mighty Whitey of AD&D, I can't say I miss it
  4. Category Multi-Class is the term that means Can be used/worn by multiple classes. The difference with All classes is in the amount of classes (All = 9; Multiple = 2-8; One = 1, certain class). Usually the multi-class items are marked in the update table at the bottom of the page (eg., watch here , the icons near the Mutton Mann)
  5. Find prices for Unusual quality items on backpack.tf, the most popular TF2 community price guide
  6. BG2 ToB is locked to level 40 and an 8 million xp cap. With both removed you can reach level 50 (technical maximum). Sure, a dual-class can reach level 13->50 (49->50 is unfeasible as it has a dual period of AT LEAST 9.45 mil xp and that's with a thief->cleric), but a multiclass can reach 50/50/50 and gets a truckload of HLAs on top of that
  7. If you multiclass, you will have the same total level* as your single classed party members, just split between 2 (or more) classes. For example, when the party is level 5, you can be a Paladin 2 / Sorcerer 3. Even combined classes can't go beyond level 20, as we do not know how spell slots or proficiency bonuses (etc) should progress from.

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  1. Ever seen a person's cosmetic and assumed something about how they play? Well, you're not alone. In fact, most hats, weapons, or other cosmetics in TF2 hold.
  2. And certain character classes have cap stone abilities that aren't that great, so sometimes it's worth it to take a level or even 2 levels of another class. Because even if you go all the way to 20 levels, you're not really missing out on a whole lot. So let's see which multiclass dips make the most sense for 5e
  3. g a multiclass character. The class abilities from a character's different classes combine to deter
  4. SSBU +78 ↺23 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. TF2 +63 ↺17 Team Fortress 2. DBD +47 ↺4 Dead by Daylight. CS1.6 +38 ↺8 Counter-Strike 1.6. CS:S +14 ↺8 Counter-Strike: Source. S1F +12 ↺10 Sonic The Hedgehog Forever. BotW +17 ↺2 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (WiiU) MK8 +15 ↺2 Mario Kart 8. SSBC +16 ↺1 Super Smash Bros. Crusade
  5. 5. Multiclass Level Cap Unlocked. Check Out This Mod. Multiclassing is the biggest change that Pillars of Eternity II offered vs. the original game. It works well, but things can always be improved. Multiclass Level Cap Unlocked is pretty handy for players looking to multiclass their character
  6. A CAP (Cumulative Accuracy Profile) curve is a performance measurement for classification problems. It is used to evaluate a model by comparing the current curve to both the ' perfect ' or.
  7. This works for binary and multiclass output, and also works with grouped data (i.e. from resamples). See the examples. The greater the area between the gain curve and the baseline, the better the model. Gain curves are identical to CAP curves (cumulative accuracy profile). See the Engelmann reference for more information on CAP curves

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ROC or CAP CURVE for a multiclass classification in python. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 4 months ago. Active 3 years ago. Viewed 940 times 0 I am unable to plot ROC curve for a multiclass problem. python roc multiclass-classification cap. Share. Follow edited Apr 9 '18. 1 Introduction 2 Class group 3 Kits 3.1 Gameplay 4 Multi-class 4.1 Valid multi-class combinations 5 Dual-class 5.1 Valid dual-class paths and requirements 5.2 Gameplay 6 See also 7 Bugs 8 Sources & references 9 Archived content Class(es) is what defines a creature's role and profession. There are four groups of classes: warrior, priest, mage and rogue. Classes in each group, with a few. Add together all your levels in the bard, cleric, druid, sorcerer, and wizard classes; Add half your levels (rounded down) in the paladin and ranger classes; and. Add one third of your levels (rounded down) in the eldritch knight (fighter) or arcane trickster (rogue) classes. For example, if you are a 5th-level eldritch knight, a 7th-level. Top 10 D&D Best Class Combinations 5e (Best D&D Multiclass) Updated: 08 May 2020 11:57 am. Ever tried a Fighter Warlock? BY: Reese S. What are the best D&D Multiclasses? In the D&D5e there are advanced rules in the Player's Handbook concerning the topic of multiclassing. These rules allow for a player to combine multiple classes together to.

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Multiclass works in ff14 because of game design. It would become horribly toxic in wow way too fast unless they remove mythic raiding and downgraded keys. Knoxville, TN. As much as they sometimes murder the storylines, they do like to keep close to the lore of the original source material universe With how fifth edition D&D works in terms of the class structure it is generally better to take a class all the way through to cap. Sorcerer is one of those classes that will still be better at the end of the day as a full 20th-level caster instead of having the need to multiclass The Answer In Summary. Personally, I think the best multiclass character is one where the player has specific (and long-term) goals for the character in mind. I find this to be as true in video games as it is in Pen and Paper roleplaying games. This usually doesn't happen on the first character you make, and comes after you've.

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Multiclass Miscibility Guide This guide is intended to help people navigate the multiclass system in PoEII and give insight on what makes a strong multiclass character. If you've exhausted the builds created by other users stickied at the top of the forum, this guide should give you some fresh id.. Using multi-class voting to insulate management from its own shareholders comes at a significant long-term cost, Goldman Sachs strategist David Kostin wrote in a note. Firms restricted. I just installed the mod using nonox97's instructions. I downloaded the paired version, deleted the manifest file, and followed the rest of his instructions. I tested it out by leveling myself all the way to 20 using the console commands. It indeed works, and on my multiclass rogue/cipher, I was able to get tier 8 and tier 9 abilities Unlock 8th & 9th ability tiers for Multiclass Builds. The locks are always in the UI , but you are able to choose also abilities in 8th & 9th tiers. COMPATIBLE WITH PATCH 2.0.0. There are 2 different versions one with progression like the single class (Paired version) and one modded (MOD version) . Here a table that explain the various degrees. GENUINE HATS/MISC: Genuine Anger (Sniper)- 4 refined Genuine Aperture Labs Hard Hat (Multiclass)- 4 refined Genuine Ball-Kicking Boots (Scout)- 14 refined Genuine Brain Bucket (Soldier)- 1.66 refine

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Between pure classes, sub-classes, and now multiclassing, the number of combinations is astronomical, which probably has you asking -- what's the best Pillars Of Eternity 2 multiclass available? Below we cover two of the most monstrous combos that can deal insane amounts of damage or withstand devastating punishment in any combat situation! These two builds can even potentially solo the game It's one of the few multiclass options that's functional in (the latter stages of) tier 1 play, and pops early in tier 2 rather than needing you to get to double-digit character levels before it works. Plus, it's one of those combinations that's absolutely rich for backstory mining and the creation of highly memorable characters Level cap and regen rates increase. A Multi-Class student's level cap (XP required to level up) and regen rates are the sum of these statistics in all of their classes combined. This helps create a more consistent experience for all students Last updated on January 5th, 2019. With Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire now live, we've gotten to spend quite a bit of in-game time with the latest installment, the sequel to Obsidian Entertainments award winning CRPG Pillars of Eternity.One of the new features added, among many, with Pillars of Eternity 2 is the option to Multiclass.. Finally, and in reference to a similar project by Loftis and Mortensen (Reference Loftis and Mortensen 2020), we believe that HBS has the potential to solve multiclass classification problems with unbalanced classes beyond the domain of our current corpora and the research task of the CAP. It is our expectation that the strategic use of human.

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Pillars of Eternity 2 Rogue Multiclass Options Fighter - Pillars of Eternity 2 Rogue Multiclass. The Fighter multiclass option is obvious, but it's obvious for a reason: it works. A Devoted/Streetfighter build with a Pukestabber/Marux Amanth combo is one of the most potent martial builds in the game Whether to take a Multiclass penalty or ECL Race []. Let's imagine a Wood elf takes 1 level of Fighter and 1 level of Bard for her first two levels, then puts the rest of her levels into fighter and prestige classes like Red dragon disciple.After her 4th level, she is a Fighter 3/Bard 1 and she will begin to take a 20% Multiclass penalty to XP. If instead of pursuing Red Dragon Disciple she. Priest - Pillars of Eternity 2 Chanter Multiclass. Priest isn't the best class in Pillars of Eternity 2, but if you're making a dedicated support character, a Chanter/Priest is a pretty useful thing to have in your party. It has probably the most healing potential of any character and access to all sorts of team buffs For the multiclass case, max_fpr, should be either equal to None or 1.0 as AUC ROC partial computation currently is not supported for multiclass. multi_class {'raise', 'ovr', 'ovo'}, default='raise' Only used for multiclass targets. Determines the type of configuration to use

The first path is a more support centric build, the Bard 3 multiclass. I usually recommend casters take this route as it gives you a really easy bonus action way to help out the team. The second is the damage focused build, either multiclassing as Rogue 1, Rogue 2, or Rogue 3. Essentially it's a gradient of how Roguelike you want to become Re: Hexblade/Pact of the Blade Multiclass Options. Originally Posted by CaptainSarathai. As a word of caution, Sorc4 isn't worth much with a Warlock. You only have 4 Spell Points, which is exactly enough to break a 3rd level slot (5sp) into a pair of 1st level slots (2sp each), OR fuel Quicken twice In this paper, we develop a multiclass, multiproduct equilibrium model for convalescent plasma donations in the Covid-19 pandemic. The potential donors are situated at different locations and the donor population at each location can be separated into different classes based on their motivation and the product for which they provide donations at a collection site. The model captures the.

That's your level cap. Within those 20 levels there's a lot of customization you can deploy and a lot of choices to make. One important thing to note is that Single Class and Multiclass characters. It has been reported that tumor-educated platelets (TEPs) may enable blood-based cancer diagnostics (Calverley et al., 2010, McAllister and Weinberg, 2014, Nilsson et al., 2011).Blood platelets—the second most-abundant cell type in peripheral blood—are circulating anucleated cell fragments that originate from megakaryocytes in bone marrow and are traditionally known for their role in.

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Posted: (6 days ago) Jun 13, 2007 · Well, the issue with a rogue multiclass is skill points. Take level one rogue to maximize skills. Reason for rogue/ranger is 1) evasion in light armor, 2) 6+INT mod skills for ranger vs. 2+INT mod skills for fighter, 3) TWF, bow strength, archery feats for free. Course Detail Ddo.com ScrapTF is the largest bot-based TF2 item trading, raffling, and auction website. Buy and sell hats, keys, unusuals, stranges, skins, and more

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It seems you are looking for multi-class ROC analysis, which is a kind of multi-objective optimization covered in a tutorial at ICML'04. As in several multi-class problem, the idea is generally to carry out pairwise comparison (one class vs. all other classes, one class vs. another class, see (1) or the Elements of Statistical Learning), and there is a recent paper by Landgrebe and Duin on. Most of the supervised learning algorithms focus on either binary classification or multi-class classification. But sometimes, we will have dataset where we will have multi-labels for each observations. In this case, we would have different metrics to evaluate the algorithms, itself because multi-label prediction has an additional notion of being partially correct

However, very few multi-class methods were applied for the simultaneous analysis of these four groups of target analytes in animal-derived food due to their different physicochemical characteristics. Zhang et al. (2017) have reported to analyze four NFs (AOZ, AMOZ, SEM, and AHD), 7 NIIMs and CAP in chicken muscle and eggs The CAP theorem applies a similar type of logic to distributed systems—namely, that a distributed system can deliver only two of three desired characteristics: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance (the ' C ,' ' A ' and ' P ' in CAP). A distributed system is a network that stores data on more than one node (physical. This is a list of all Multi-Cap ETFs traded in the USA which are currently tagged by ETF Database. Please note that the list may not contain newly issued ETFs. If you're looking for a more simplified way to browse and compare ETFs, you may want to visit our ETFdb.com Categories, which categorize every ETF in a single best fit category. * Assets and Average Volume as of 2021-08-17 16:26 ED

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Multi-class characters can now put more than two pips in things. In effect, any multi-class character that could put two stars in anything can now put five stars in that thing. Change Grandmastery Bonuses All games except IWD2. The first option, 'True Grandmastery', is the standard Baldurdash / TeamBG un-nerfed grandmastery patch Description DecisionTreeClassifier crashes with unknown label type: 'continuous-multioutput'. I've tried loading csv file using csv.reader, pandas.read_csv and some other stuff like parsing line-by-line. Steps/Code to Reproduce from skle.. I have an Intelligence of six, I know what I'm doing.Grog Strongjaw[28] Grog Strongjaw is a goliath barbarian/fighter and a member of Vox Machina. He was played by Travis Willingham. 1 Intro 2 Description 2.1 Appearance 2.2 Personality 3 Biography 3.1 Background 3.2 Vox Machina: Origins 3.3 Critical Role 3.3.1 The Story of Vox Machina and Other Pre-Stream Events 3.3.2 Chapter 1 3.3.3 Chapter 2. 1 Character Information 2 Combat 2.1 Landing Hits and Critical Hits 2.2 % Weapon Damage 2.3 Flat vs. Percent Damage 2.4 Elemental Damage 2.5 % Current Life Damage 2.6 Life Steal 2.7 Passively Activated Weapon Skills 2.8 Shields 2.9 Crowd Control 2.10 Buffs, Debuffs and Damage over Time 2.11 Constitution 2.12 Potions 2.13 Pets 3 Advanced Mechanics 3.1 Order of Defense 3.2 Armor Formula 3.3.

Evaluation Metrics - RDD-based API. spark.mllib comes with a number of machine learning algorithms that can be used to learn from and make predictions on data. When these algorithms are applied to build machine learning models, there is a need to evaluate the performance of the model on some criteria, which depends on the application and its. This page includes historical return information for all Multi-Asset ETFs listed on U.S. exchanges that are currently tracked by ETF Database. The table below includes fund flow data for all U.S. listed Multi-Asset ETFs. Total fund flow is the capital inflow into an ETF minus the capital outflow from the ETF for a particular time period Corrupted Paladin (Paladin/Warlock 5e multiclass) This build combines the tenacity of the Paladin with the power and versatility of the Warlock for a deadly and fluid combination. The true synergy power between the Paladin and Warlock is the Paladin's smite and the Warlock's ability to regain spell slots each short rest allowing the paladin to. For the multiclass classification using the FFV, the FFDNN achieved a test accuracy of 75.83%; however, after applying the WFEU, the accuracy increased by 1.29% to 77.16%. On the validation data, the FFV-FFDNN achieved 94.34% and the WFEU-FFDNN got an accuracy of 92.38%

Page 6 of 6 - Multiclass Level Cap Unlocked - posted in File topics: It did worked some how But, if it does not, or you WANT IT ALL, use the cheats: AddAbility Player_Name Ability_name AddAbility Companion_Name(Clone) Ability_name Example: Player name: UGresh, Ability name: Uncanny Luck - will go as: AddAbility Player_UGresh Uncanny_Luck Party member's name: Edér, Ability name: Screaming. Not every hat is able to be Unusual, for now only hats that are equipped on the head region are able to gain an Unusual effect. I may change this to only filter cosmetics that do not have the capability of being Unusual. If the Unusual effect is applied to a multi-class hat, the effect persists on class change Multiclass Cleric characters The cleric archetype is a great way to create a character of another class who's a devotee of a particular deity. The many domains available to clerics of different deities present a variety of options for focus spells Overview []. Capstone enhancements are enhancements selectable after sticking exclusively with one class for 20 levels. A character can train only in one class Capstone at a time. Multiclass characters are not eligible for capstone enhancements because their levels are split among several classes, none reaching level 20.. Artificer [] Artificer Arcane Empowerment [ multi-class common equity structures are necessary for managers to deliver long-term performance. 1 In this case, endogeneity means that there is a strong chance that ROIC is not just determined by dual-class status, but that a firm's choice to go dual-class is partly determined by ROIC.

ValueError: multiclass format is not supported. sir please help me to solve this issue. Thanks. Reply. Jason Brownlee October 11, 2019 at 6:20 am # ROC Curves can only be used for binary (2 class) classification problems. Reply. Brindha November 2, 2019 at 8:17 am # It was very useful. Thanks for helping beginners like us with an apt explanatio 2.5 basis points. Additional Multifamily Fee. $10,000. The minimum Ginnie Mae Guarantee Fee is $75,000 for single-family transactions and $85,000 for multifamily transactions. Example Fee Calculation for a $400M Single-Family Transaction: $100,000,000 x 0.00075 = $75,000. $300,000,000 x 0.00025 = $75,000 This dataset highlights the ability of TEP RNA-based 'liquid biopsies' in patients with several types with cancer, including the ability for pan-cancer, multiclass cancer and companion diagnostics. Blood platelets were isolated from whole blood in purple-cap BD Vacutainers containing EDTA anti-coagulant by standard centrifugation Pillars Of Eternity 2: Every Class Ranked From Worst To Best. Choosing the right class in Pillars of Eternity 2 can make or break your game. We ranked all of them from worst to best! Players return to Pillars of Eternity 2 once again acting as the Watcher but up against the fierce God of Light Eothas. There are multiple factions seeking to take. Please read our Event FAQ's and Event Resources for more information about attending our meets as a competitor, spectator, volunteer or official. If you experience technical difficulties when trying to enter, please contact Events Manager Greta Brodie greta.brodie@nsw.swimming.org.au or phone 02 8047 8509 for assistance

Early Access for Baldur's Gate 3 is a feature that allows early game purchasers to preview the game while still in development. How to get BG3 Early Access, what classes are available, how much content is available, and more details below. Early Access is meant to allow players to give feedback on the game before it is finished, and therefore players should expect to encounter bugs, unfinished. That, combined with delaying the levels of spells you can get by 3 levels, makes the multiclass usually not worth it unless you KNOW you'll be going to level 20 (And maybe even beyond with extra Boons or whatnot). But if that IS the case, the ultimate endgame power of this multiclass is not to be understated as now you'd be a true master of magic Feature selection in logical analysis of data (LAD) can be cast into a set covering problem. In this paper, extending the results on feature selection for binary classification using LAD, we present a mathematical model that selects a minimum set of necessary features for multi-class datasets and develop a heuristic algorithm that is both memory and time efficient for this model. Daily Multi-Class Lesson Plan Template - Secondary. You'll like this daily planning template for secondary teachers covering different classes and subjects with room for lots of details. Daily Multi-Subject Lesson Plan Template - Elementary

TF2 and other Source engine games update for 9/27/12Steam Community :: Guide :: The Overrated Cosmetics of TF2Tsarboosh - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress WikiBeep Boy - Official TF2 Wiki | Official Team Fortress Wiki(VFHD Online) Unboxing 50 wicked windfall case! scream

Dungeons & Dragons Online (DDO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Turbine for Microsoft Windows and OS X.The game was originally marketed as Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach, then renamed Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited upon switching to a hybrid free to play model, and was finally rebranded Dungeons & Dragons Online, with the. Strange Summer Shades 10 Steam Purchase Team Spirit spells 10141248781 348687696. 1 key. Genuine Tyrant's Helm 18 CD Key An Extraordinary Abundance of Tinge 10305069577 2251399514. 500 keys. Unusual Gym Rat 10 Found in Crate Demonflame A Mann's Mint spells 8285828019 2064000881. 37 keys Beyond 1st Level As your character goes on adventures and overcomes challenges, he or she gains experience, represented by experience points. A character who reaches a specified experience point total advances in capability. This advancement is called gaining a level. When your character gains a level, his or her class often grants additional features, as detailed in the class descriptio TensorFlow. Learn. TensorFlow Core. Tutorials. The TensorFlow tutorials are written as Jupyter notebooks and run directly in Google Colab—a hosted notebook environment that requires no setup. Click the Run in Google Colab button Leveling up and developing your characters are one of the most basic elements of Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire's gameplay. This page focuses on how this process work for single and multi-class characters. The highlighted part shows your current amount of XP and the amount that is required to reach a new level This cap eventually rises to +2 with some class feats, so you'll want to reach 14 Dexterity at some point, and doing it during Character Creation is a fine time to do it if you can spare the boosts. Con: Essential for hit points and saving throws